Able Microwave Solutions
Able Microwave Solutions
Able Microwave Solutions
Able microwave solutions- offering a complete range of technical services
network and microwave engineering
Able microwave solutions offer's, a vast range of skills in the field of system design and planning optimization. Offering testing and programing services, both remote and on site. Including consultancy and network advice. We also offer link monotoring and programing with remote veiwing and programing to ensure your buisness' network security and continuity to maximize up-time.
site survey
Able microwave solutions has expert technical advice for networking surveyance needs. Including topographical reports, visual inspections and network strength analysis test's to ensure an optimization of your network type and placement.
installation and maintenance
Able microwave solutions has an experienced team of installation technitions, that deal with the on site installation, service, repair and testing of new and current networks.

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